Slide Building Smart Solutions Cloud, Analytics, AI, Cybersecurity We are uniquely positioned to build smart and powerful solutions with our highly qualified team of architects, engineers and analysts with expertise in cloud, analytics, AI, and cybersecurity. We have built well-designed solution frameworks with expertise across different verticals.

We are passionate about technology and solving problems.
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who we are

We are an agile IT services company and we provide efficient, robust, and cost-effective services to clients across the globe. We are solution-focused with a staff of highly experienced analysts, architects, engineers, testers, and IT strategists.

what we do


We have built mission-critical applications for many different verticals from the start-to-the-finish. Our engineering processes and centres of excellence across different platforms play an important role in establishing and maintaining quality standards in every single component and application we build.

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We have mordenized and re-enginered complex and hard to maintain legacy applications for many customers. The transformation of those legacy applications into modern applications allowed our customers to streamline their business operations and enhance business value.

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Robust architecture is undoubtedly pivotal for great software applications and services. Ejyle, as a company, was founded by software architects. Its in our DNA! We have an awesome team with established processes in place to create unified and consistent architectural and design models.

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We have expertise in dramatically improving the performance of existing on-premises and cloud-based applications and data storage systems. We use sophisticated tools & techniques to identify bottlenecks and areas of optimization and then engineer the performance fixes systematically.

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We create enterprise architecture as a blueprint to help leaders of an organization to stay focussed on the big picture and their strategic goals by aligning their business with technology. Enterprise architecture from EA consultants have helped our customers to enhance value and reduce risk.

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Digital economy is at a new stage with explosive growth with the advent of AI, mobility, analytics, and cloud technologies. We use our expertise in these technologies and digital transformation overall to create new opportunities for our customers without throwing away their existing enterprise systems.

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We conduct comprehensive assessment of existing technology landscape of an enterprise and carry out thorough impact analysis before an any major technology transformation effort. This allows our customers to exactly know what’s working, what’s not working, and what really needs to be changed.

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DevOps Strategy
& Implementation

We offer DevOps strategy and implementation service to help our clients to streamline IT and development operations. We help in designing and building processes like continuous delivery, continuous integration, release management, and automated cloud resource management.

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our technology expertiseWhile we of course do web and mobile apps, databases, etc but our expertise goes well-beyond them

Analytics & Big Data

We have deep expertise in implementing descriptive and predictive analytics derived from disparate big data sources. We also implement flexible data visualization interfaces with drill-down and filters that powerfully depict analytics.

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AI & Data Science

Many of the systems that we have built for our clients use intelligent machine learning algorithms to progressively learn and improve various processes such as finding errors in healthcare claims or finding more accurate customs classification codes, and so on. 

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Cloud Computing

We adopted cloud strategy for us and for our customers right from the beginning. Cloud is at the heart of most of the solutions we have built and our expertise goes from AWS to Microsoft Azure as well as SalesForce and IBM Bluemix.

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top case studies

Optimization of International Supply Chain Execution

A supply chain platform powered by cognitive data science technologies.

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Mitigation of Revenue Leakage through Risk Adjustment

An AI-based and analytics-driven single risk adjustment solution for the US health plans market.

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SMAC-Centric Digital Tranformation Strategy

A systematic, focused, enterprise-wide and value-based digital transformation solution.

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Bringing Analytics and AI to the Logistics Industry

We have built a complete cloud-based freight management solution with powerful analytics and AI algorithms.

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