Development Process

Industry-Standard Development Process with Focus on Agile

We follow industry-standard development processes for building software solutions for our customers. Our development processes are agile in nature but we recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. Based on our customer needs and the exact project characteristics, we choose the most appropriate process to ensure successful completion and delivery. From the start to the finish, regardless of any particular process we use, we ensure plans are clear, no ambiguities exist, and proper checks & balances are in place.

We have well-defined processes, a repository of process templates, process guidelines, and other documentation, We do not use the same process across all projects because we believe customer needs and the exact characteristics of a project should determine the most appropriate development process to use.

In general, our preferred methodology is highly agile with rapid development and releases through smaller iterations. Highly agile development process allows us to to help our customer to go to market quickly with a minimum viable product while our teams continue to enhance and enrich the product.

While agile is the way to go at Ejyle, we do recognise that highly iterative processes can’t be appropriate for every type of project. For example, re-engineering projects require more of a phased approach (kind of a waterfall process) because the features and requirements are already well-known.