Cloud Computing

Get Ready for the Cloud

Cloud services provide a new model for business application services with less IT cost and higher scalability. Using systematic and practical approach, Ejyle’s cloud team can help you assess your existing business applications and IT infrastructure for seamless migration to the cloud with minimal impact.

In general, there could be multiple compelling business reasons for migrating your business applications to cloud. After all, you get to use a world-class and scalable IT infrastructure without spending a penny in building and maintaining it. You just pay for what you use. However, regardless of the rewards of cloud migration, an unbiased assessment, clear strategy, and roadmap are crucial for you being ready for successful cloud migration.

Before you begin your cloud journey, number of important questions need to be answered:

  • What are the exact objectives that must be met? How those objectives can be achieved?
  • What are the risks associated with going to the cloud? How can they be mitigated?
  • Can cloud migration process create complexities in your applications and services?
  • How can the process be simplified and the complexities be avoided?
  • Should cloud migration be broken down into multiple stages and what should be the criteria and objectives of each stage?
  • What parts of the applications and services that require modification and impact analysis from deployment, configuration, security, caching, storage, and communication perspectives?
  • Which cloud platform offers the services that are most suitable for your current and future needs?
  • What does it take for smooth and successful migration of the cloud? What would be the resources needed in terms of personnel, time, and budget?
  • What are the training requirements for your staff and how long it would take to train your staff on the cloud technology?

Apart from these standard questions, there could be many other questions that need clear and honest answers before the cloud journey can begin. Ejyle, with its premier cloud team, can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current and future cloud needs and draw up a roadmap to make you absolutely ready for smooth and successful migration to the cloud.

Whether migrating existing business applications to the cloud or building new ones, deep understanding of the underlying cloud platform is an absolute necessity to take full advantage of various cloud services like storage, caching, security, communication, queuing, and content delivery. It is therefore crucial to architect and design the various aspects of an application from a cloud environment perspective to achieve various intended goals and make your applications highly scalable on the cloud by design.

Ejyle offers various cloud implementation services:

  • Application migration to the cloud
  • End-to-end cloud application development
  • Cloud application management and maintenance