DevOps Implementation Strategy

Streamlining IT and Development Operations

We offer DevOps strategy and implementation service to help our clients to streamline IT and development operations. We help in designing and building processes like continuous delivery, continuous integration, release management, and automated cloud resource management.

We offer the following DevOps implementation strategy services:

  • We assess existing IT infrastructure including the cloud and on-premises components.
  • We create DevOps implementation plans.
  • We design continuous integration and continuous delivery processes based on project requirements.
  • We design container-based deployment models and container orchestrations.
  • We conduct DevOps trainings.

Ejyle’s DevOps engineers and consultants have lot of experience in designing and implementing DevOps strategies and processes.

Our value proposition includes:

  • A team of highly-skilled DevOps engineers and consultants.
  • Set of well-developed DevOps practices and processes.
  • Expertise in continuous integration and continuous delivery processes and related technologies like Chef, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Bluemix DevOps, and so on.