Digital Transformation

Transform Your Enterprise Technology Landscape

Digital economy is now at a new stage with explosive growth and use of social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud technologies. The convergence of these technologies and bringing them together in such a way that it creates new business opportunities without throwing away existing enterprise systems can be highly challenging. Ejyle has developed a digital transformation framework that can be used to successfully transform existing technology landscape of a large enterprise with least impact.

It typically takes years and millions of dollars for enterprise businesses to establish their processes and build their technology landscape that supports their business. Yet the changes in the technology world for the last few years have been massive and their impact on societies and economies has been equally phenomenal. Responding to these massive changes and consequently building new business models and be more productive is critical for enterprise businesses to beat competition and grow further. Digital transformation enables enterprise businesses to adapt to technology and market changes quickly and establish long-term competitive advantage. However, digital transformation in a large enterprise businesses is challenging because thousands of business processes and systems built over the span of many years can’t be thrown away or be modified just like that. We believe the process of successful digital transformation must be based on careful assessment, strategy, and ultimately leveraging existing processes, systems, and new digital technologies together.

Ejyle has developed a digital transformation framework with methods, processes, guidelines, and tools that can be used to carry out a proper digital transformation assessment, create a digital transformation solution and implementation roadmap.

  • Ejyle has successfully implemented mobility, analytics, and cloud solutions for many clients.
  • Ejyle has built digital transformation solutions for some of largest companies with billions of dollars of revenues.