Enterprise Architecture

Helping Organizations to Stay Focused

We create enterprise architecture as a blueprint to help leaders of organizations to stay focussed on the big picture and their strategic goals by aligning their business with technology. Enterprise architecture from our EA consultants have helped our customers to enhance value and reduce risk.

We offer the following enterprise architecture services:

  • We create enterprise architecture roadmaps.
  • We build enterprise architecture definitions.
  • We review existing enterprise architectures and update them with changes in business strategy and markets in general.
  • We establish enterprise architecture governance standards and oversee their smooth implementation.
  • We conduct enterprise architecture trainings.

Ejyle’s Enterprise Architecture consultants have years of experience in building and implementing enterprise architecture that have helped customers to solve complex business problems.

Our value proposition includes:

  • A well-established enterprise architecture practice at Ejyle.
  • Set of well-developed best-practices, templates, reference models, reference architecture, and accelerators.
  • Most of the top leadership of Ejyle are from solution architecture and enterprise architecture background. So it is in our DNA!