Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC Process Automation

An effective, well-integrated and automated GRC process can help optimise risk mitigation by identifying, managing, monitoring, and reporting risks across different business functions before the risks turn into losses. Ejyle helps its clients to implement a GRC platform like RSA Archer so that they are able to improve their risk management, decision making, and business outcomes.

Ejyle has supported organizations deploy GRC platforms in ways that offer the depth, breadth and adaptability organizations need to manage risk in multiple domains, combined with an ecosystem and track record to deliver strategic value and a positive business impact.

As Ejyle, we know every organization has unique requirements and situations. Therefore, we ensure that we deploy GRC platform keeping the needs of the organization in mind. We listen and understand unique circumstances, and then find the best path forward for the organization.

The key purpose of adopting GRC system is to deliver value to stakeholders. Implementing GRC can yield benefits realization, risk optimization and resource optimization as well as assist in the proper alignment with compliance requirements based on risk.

In today’s high velocity and heavily compliant environments, digital transformation is the primary, and while business goals should be at the center of any digital transformation effort, a proven GRC framework will permit the identification of the steps that are needed to perform value delivery and effective balancing of performance and conformance. Measuring risk-taking is and has always been the essence of business and route to success, and a strong GRC program is the right tool for managing non-financial and compliance risk.