Application Development

Great Businesses Build Great Applications

Well-built applications can make a big difference for businesses in providing better experience and services to customers. Great applications also help attract new customers in larger numbers. We at Ejyle know what it takes to build high-performance web and mobile applications with the best user experience for our clients.

The Internet has revolutionized the way people obtain information, buy and sell products and services, and consume entertainment content. Millions and millions of people use Internet on daily basis and the growth continues to be phenomenal. This is no surprise that now-a-days many businesses, educational institutions and other type of organizations have their own websites to take their information, services, and products to the Internet. A website allows a business to offer information, products, and services to potential customers 24/7 and usually the actual physical location of the business is irrelevant. For most businesses, there is no better, easier, and more cost-effective way than having a well-built website to attract more customers, be more competitive and increase revenues.

Besides the unique business requirements, there are many important factors that determine whether a website is well-built to serve its purpose. The factors include professional user interface design, high performance, security, user-friendly navigation, browser compatibility, and search engine optimization. Ejyle’s engineers and consultants have vast experience in website design and development using technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, XHTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and Twitter Bootstrap.

Responsive Web Development

One of biggest challenges of great web design is lack of control one has over the medium through which web content is delivered to end-users. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account in order to deliver web content reliably to the widest range of audience which include:

  • Internet browsers and different browser versions
  • Operating systems and their different versions
  • Devices like typical PC monitors, large monitors, laptops, notebooks, tablets, phone
  • Printing (when web content is printed by a user)

Small and portable devices like tablets and mobile phone have seen massive growth for the last few years and ironically PC monitors too have not only become flatter but larger as well. Moreover, many other type of devices now support delivery of web content like gaming consoles, TVs, car dashboards, etc.

Designing web content for different type of browsers and devices is obviously not realistic. Instead, you need a technology or some sort of technique that allows your web content to respond to different devices and browsers automatically – this is when responsive web design comes into picture.

Responsive web design in itself is not a different technology. It is rather a set of techniques, principles and practices based on different set of web standards and technologies combined together to produce responsive web content.

Ejyle has developed many responsive web applications for different customers that support devices like PCs, laptops, notebooks, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets, and so on.

Millions of users around the world are no longer buying and using mobile phones only for making calls or sending and receiving text messages. They want to send and receive emails, upload pictures, browse the web, read news, play games, search for content and socialize with friends on their smartphones. Platforms like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone have made it possible for millions of users to use rich applications and access the web on their mobile phones like never before. This has created a massive and booming market for companies to provide services and products in a unique way to millions of smartphone users. Ejyle’s mission in the mobility space has been to create innovative and specialized smartphone applications to help companies to maximize engagement with their customers.

  • Ejyle offers the following mobility services:
  • Design and develop apps for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone platforms.
  • Implement in-app purchase functionality.
  • Design financial, educational, and healthcare apps.
  • Integrate mobile apps with Intuit Partner Platform.
  • Integrate mobile apps with social media.
  • Migration of desktop websites to smartphone web browsing.

More about Migration of Desktop Websites to Smartphones

Most of the existing websites were never designed for smartphones and tablet devices. Moreover, a website designed for a browser on a laptop or desktop computer may inherently be unsuitable for a much smaller device with much smaller resolution like iPhone. However, more and more companies want their websites be designed for these smartphones and tablet devices as well. Fortunately, a complete re-design and development of an existing website may not be needed at all. Just some careful changes in layout and content can make the application perfect for browsing on a smartphone device. We at Ejyle have the necessary expertise in converting existing websites written in PHP, ASP.NET, and pure HTML into smartphone-friendly websites for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.