Application Modernization

Modernize Your Time-Tested Legacy Applications

Legacy applications overtime become too complex and too hard to maintain. Transforming them into modern applications can make a world of difference in streamlining business operations and enhancing business value. Veteran engineers at Ejyle understand what it takes to modernize complex legacy applications with less time and cost.

Business requirements of applications often change and overtime those applications become very complex, hard to maintain, and they effectively become ineffective to provide the maximum business value. Ejyle can use modern technologies and platforms like responsive web, cloud, and SaaS to standardize and enhance capabilities of legacy applications so that business operations can be streamlined and business value of those applications can be greatly enhanced.

Ejyle’s application modernization services help clients to transform their time-tested legacy applications into powerful and modern business applications ready to deliver enhanced business value. Our approach and process to modernize legacy applications is systematic, agile, and designed to save time and money. Our range of application modernization services include the following:

  • Assessment and analysis
  • Application re-architecture and re-design
  • Application refactoring
  • User interface modernization
  • Platform conversion
  • Architects and engineers at Ejyle have gone through many application modernization projects before. They understand the ins and outs of the process, associated risks, and all the other aspects that need to be taken into account for successful completion of application modernization projects.
  • Ejyle’s expertise in various technologies, responsive web development, cloud, and SaaS makes it an ideal partner for application modernization needs.