Performance Engineering

High-Performance Engineering

We have expertise in dramatically improving the performance of existing applications and database systems. We use sophisticated tools & techniques to identify bottlenecks and areas of optimization and then engineer the performance fixes systematically.

In today’s world of web applications on PCs and mobile phones, most users consider the response time of 5 to 8 seconds long way too slow. Doesn’t matter how many great features an application may have, poor response time can often frustrate its users and they may even just give up outright and use some other application. Once users lose confidence in an application due to slow performance, it is very difficult to regain their confidence because they may never use the application again. In a nutshell, if an application doesn’t perform well then eventually nobody is going to use it.

Unfortunately, performance problems in an application typically come to light during production when the application is put to the real test in the real environment with the real users using it. In most cases, a very specialized and focused effort would be required to optimize the application and improve the performance without introducing any bugs and creating whole set of new issues. This is where Ejyle can be very helpful because we have helped many other clients successfully who found themselves in similar circumstances.

Our performance enhancement services include:

  • Analyze and identify an application’s performance bottlenecks and identify areas of optimization.
  • Optimize application code.
  • Optimize physical architecture.
  • Optimize database design and environment.
  • We have vast experience in various performance profiling and memory profiling tools and techniques. This allows us to get to the business of identifying problems as quickly as possible.
  • We have managed and worked in projects with hundreds of Gigabytes of data and large number of users. This puts us on the frontlines of application performance management, scalability, and 99.999% availability.