Software Architecture

Building Robust Foundation

We are experts in architectural and design patterns and we use some of the most sophisticated modeling tools to create unified and consistent architectural and design models to build robust foundation for web and mobile applications.

The agility, responsiveness, performance, scalability, and reliability of business applications and services essentially require sound and robust architectural foundation. Lack of sound architecture often result into unpredictable development, production and maintenance issues and hence increasing the cost and even the risk of outright failure.

Ejyle offers software architecture services to help organizations to build a unified and organization-wide software architecture framework based on the best architectural practices, patterns, and principles.

Ejyle offers the following software architecture services:

  • Analyze and identity architecturally significant requirements.
  • Build proof of concept systems.
  • Validate and test architecture.
  • Design logical, physical, component, and deployment models.
  • Create threat models.
  • Many of the architects at Ejyle have been top architects in the industry.
  • Architects at Ejyle have long history of working with large clients to build enterprise solutions, enterprise architecture, and architecture frameworks.
  • Ejyle has a dedicated Architecture Center of Excellence to promote excellence in software architecture, design, and engineering.
  • Ejyle has expertise in the TOGAF, Zachman Framework, and IEEE 42010 architecture frameworks and standards.