Test Automation Framework

A Lightweight and Cross-Platform Test Automation Framework

At Ejyle, automated testing has been part and parcel of our quality assurance processes. It doesn’t matter what technology and platform, we heavily invest our time and effort in tests that are repeatable, data-driven and can be automated.

While there are many test automation frameworks in the market, we decided to built a lightweight, flexible, and cross-platform framework on our own.

How it Works?

Our test automation frameworks is highly lightweight and extremely simple to use. Here is how it works by and large:

  • You create a Microsoft Excel or CSV file with the test data and test criteria.
  • Run the framework.
  • Provide the URL of your application.
  • That’s it! The results will be saved to a file.

Note: For our test automation framework to work seamlessly and properly, the target application must use element unique IDs in its user interface.