Cyber Risk

CRQA Modern Cyber Risk Quantification Platform

Cyber risk management is a critical component of overall cybersecurity strategy for enterprises of different sizes around the world. Due to rapid increase in cybersecurity attacks and their sophistication, cyber risk management has increasingly become more complicated and impactful. Therefore, measuring cyber risks accurately in dollar terms is far more valuable for organizations than a cyber risk register with red, green, and yellow risks. Ejyle CyberRisk is a modern cyber risk quantification platform that uses FAIR methodology to calculate cyber risk in dollar terms for each risk scenario.


Ejyle CyberRisk has a long list of features but the following are some of the features that sets the platform apart from the competition:

  • End-to-end risk scenario scoping and analysis
  • On-premises deployment option
  • Collaboration
  • Integration with third-party tools such as GRC systems
  • Modern and responsive

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